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In 1958, Antonio Ciacci was wowing the fans as a pioneer of raw rock 'n' roll in Italy.

He had an record contract and he was packing halls. But Antonio wanted international recognition.

In tribute to his idol, Little Richard, he became Little Tony, and he switched to rocking in English although he understood little of the lyrics.

British TV music pioneer Jack Good, tipped off about Little Tony's dynamic style, flew to Italy and after seeing one performance, signed him on the spot and brought him back to the UK to feature in his new show, Boy Meets Girls.

Although he registered only one UK Top Twenty hit, Little Tony did eventually achieve his ambition, becoming a multi-million-selling European idol.

Peaksoft's 32-track CD features a comprehensive catalogue of Little Tony's rock 'n' roll output, plus his complete UK Decca singles, and a seasoning of more laid-back offerings. Authoritative sleeve notes by Nathaniel Lawrence.

 1 Who's that Knockin' 2 Jumpin' Jack 3 Pity Pity 4 You Send Me 5 The Beat 6 Arrivederci Baby 7 I Can't Help It 8 The Hippy Hippy Shake 9 Hey Little Girl 10 Too Good 11 Foxy Little Mama 12 Princess 13 I Love You 14 Teddy Girl 15 Kiss Me, Kiss Me 16 Bella Marie 17 Four An' Twenty Thousand Kisses, 18 Believe What You Say 19 I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 20 I Got Stung 21 Johnny Be Goode 22 Oh Baby! 23 Lotta Lovin' 24 Lucille 25 Treat Me Nice 26 I'm Walking 27 One-Sided Love Affair 28 Che Tipo Rock 29 Splish Splash 30 Blue Monday 31 What'd I Say 32 Shake, Rattle And Roll

PEA030 9.99




Super double CD features Billy Fury's first five albums, from his celebrated self-penned debut LP in 1960, to the excitement of a live performance (released October 1963).

CD1 1 That’s Love 2 My Advice 3 Phone Call 4 You Don’t Know 11.99 Turn My Back On You 6 Don’t Say It’s Over   7 Since You’ve Been Gone 8 It’s You I Need 9 All Right, Goodbye 10 Don’t Leave Me This Way 11 Maybe Tomorrow 12 Gonna Type A Letter 13 Margo 14 Don’t Knock Upon My Door 111.99 Time Has Come 16 Colette 17 Baby How I Cried 18 Angel Face 19 Last Kiss 20 Wondrous Place 21 Halfway To Paradise 22 Don’t Worry 23 You’re Having The Last Dance With Me 24 Push Push 211.99 Fury’s Tune 26 Talkin’ In My Sleep 27 Stick Around 28 A Thousand Stars 29 Cross My Heart 30 Comin’ Up In The World 31 He Will Break Your Heart 32 Would You Stand By Me

CD2 1 We Were Meant For Each Other 2 How Many Nights, How Many Days 3 Willow Weep For Me 4 Bumble Bee 11.99 She Cried 6 Let Me Know 7 The Chapel On The Hill 8 Like I’ve Never Been Gone 9 A Million Miles From Nowhere 10 I’ll Show You 11 Our Day Will Come 12 All My Hopes 13 One Step From Heaven 14 One Kiss 111.99 Hard Times 16 Here I Am, Broken-Hearted 17 Sweet Little Sixteen 18 Baby Come On 19 That’s All Right 20 Wedding Bells 21 Sticks And Stones 22 Unchain My Heart 23 I’m Moving On 24 Just Because 211.99 Halfway To Paradise 26 I’d Never Find Another You 27 Once Upon A Dream 28 Last Night Was Made For Love 29 Like I’ve Never Been Gone 30 When Will You Say I Love You

PEA025 double album £9.99



This super double album features the first official CD release of the 1983 LP The Missing Years.

The album also provides an exclusive first hearing of recently discovered studio masters.

A clutch of rare bonus tracks completes a superb must-have package for any follower of one of Britain's best-loved rock stars.

An 8-page booklet offers an authoritative commentary on the tracks.

The Missing Years LP 1 Wondrous Place 2 She Loves Somebody 3 Paper Aeroplanes 4 Do My Best For You 11.99 Spider And The Fly 6 Silly Boy Blue 7 Fascinating Candle Flame 8 Halfway To Paradise 9 I Saw The Light 10 Bye, Bye 11 Hurtin’ Is Loving 12 One Minute Woman Please 13 I Call For My Rose 14 Let Me Go My Way 111.99 It Just Don’t Matter Now 16 You’ll Break My Heart in Two
Bonus tracks 17 I Love You 18 Lazy Life 19 Sticks ‘n’ Stones 20 Get Yourself Together 21 Driving Nicely 22 Things Are Changing 23 Don’t Tell Me Lies 24 All My Time 211.99 Going Back To Germany (alt take) 26 Paper Aeroplanes (take 1)

Studio masters 1 Baby Do You Love Me 2 Easy Living 3 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, version 1 4 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, master take 11.99 Things Are Changing: audio 1 6 Things Are Changing: audio 2 7 Things Are Changing: monitor mix 3 8 Things Are Changing: monitor mix 4 9 One Minute Woman Please: audio take 8 10 One Minute Woman Please: audio take 9 11 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: audio takes 1-4 12 Baby, Do You Love Me: audio takes 1-4 13 Easy Living: audio takes 1-3 14 One Minute Woman Please: monitor mix take 8 111.99 One Minute Woman Please: monitor mix take 9 16 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt: monitor mix, 1-4 17 Baby, Do You Love Me: monitor mix takes 1-4 18 Easy Living: monitor mix takes 1-11.99

PEA022 £11.99




When Billy Fury quit Decca and signed for Parlophone in 1966, reports were rife of work on a groundbreaking album.
As months, then years passed, however, the LP mysteriously failed to appear, and after Billy's death in 1982, EMI said they could find no trace of master tapes.
However, research has since unearthed a succession of acetates and second generation recordings from the period.
Twelve tracks that might have been intended for the fabled LP have now been chosen for this new album.
Another dozen recordings from Billy's Parlophone years complete this important addition to the story of one of Britain’s best-loved artists of the period.






The Lost Album: Unchain My Heart, Get Ready, That’s All Right Mama, It’s No Good, That’s Right, That’s Me, Green Eyed American Actress, Getting Sentimental Over You, Wedding Bells,  Life is What You Make It, All My Time, Going Round The Bend (Of My Mind), Forget Him. Bonus tracks: Communication, Bring It Back, Sheila (alt), River And The Sun, God Created Woman, Heartbeat, Our Love Has Gone, My Whole World Seems to Be Tumblin’ Down, Reach Out For Your Loving Touch, My Baby Left Me, Right Or Wrong, Suzanne In The Mirror (alt)  






PEA014 £9.99



This unique 29-track CD brings together for the first time both sides of all of Billy Fury's 11 Parlophone singles, plus seven brilliant bonus songs from the era.

Eight of these tracks have never before been available on CD.

Tracks are: 1 Hurtin' Is Loving, 2 Things Are Changing, 3 Loving You, 4 I'll Go Along With It, 11.99 Suzanne In The Mirror, 6 It Just Don't Matter Now, 7 Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt, 8 Baby Do You Love Me, 9 Silly Boy Blue, 10 One Minute Woman, 11 Phone Box, 12 Any Morning Now, 13 Lady, 14 Certain Things, 111.99 I Call For My Rose, 16 Bye Bye, 17 All The Way To The USA, 18 Do My Best For You, 19 Why Are You Leaving, 20 Old Sweet Roll, 21 Paradise Alley, 22 Well Alright, 23 Sheila, 24 Maybe Baby, 211.99 I'm Gonna Love You Too, 26 In My Room, 27 Lazy Life, 28 Your Words, 29 Lyanna.




PEA009 £9.99



At last - a professionally-produced album of the complete recordings of Dickie Pride, one of the most tragic figures of British 11.990s/60s pop, who was wowing TV audiences on Oh Boy! within weeks of his discovery singing in a pub.

This CD features all 24 of the Sheik of Shake's tracks, from his first single, Slippin' 'n' Slidin' in 1911.999, through his classic 1961 LP, to his final single, as a member of The Guv'ners, in 1963.

Joe Brown and others who performed with Dickie were unanimous that his talent was unique - yet he never had a hit record, and he died at the age of only 27.

Includes other lost gems from the estate of Billy Fury's former manager, Larry Parnes. plus a never-issued single by Tony Damond (lead singer of Billy's backing group, The Gamblers) plus Johnny Storme's recreation of the lost Billy Fury track Love Don't Let Me Down, with words by Geoff Howlett and the original Gamblers backing track.


PEA021 9.99.


PEA024 DANNY RIVERS: CAN'T YOU HEAR MY HEART (The Complete Recordings)

Can't You Hear My Heart showcases the music of Danny Rivers, the 60s heart-throb who turned down contracts with both Larry Parnes and Joe Meek, because his father didn't trust either of them.

Danny, who died on July 28 2016, never achieved the fame that his talent deserved, although fellow artists were among his biggest fans.

For the first time, all of his single releases, together with a track recorded for an LP, are assembled on CD, together with bonus live tracks.

Danny's career was championed by TV rock pioneer Jack Good, who featured him in two of his shows, while Joe Meek produced several singles, and Larry Parnes booked him on tours – despite the lack of a contract.

Can't You Hear My Heart has notes by Vince Eager, a member of the Parnes stable who toured with Danny and remained his close friend in the decades that followed.

Track listing:

The singles: Hawk, I Got, Can't You Hear My Heart, I'm Waiting For Tomorrow, Once Upon A Time, My Baby's Gone Away, We're Gonna Dance, Movin' In, There Will Never Be Anyone Else, I Don't Think You Know.
Live tracks: A Mess Of Blues, It's Now Or Never, Little Sister, Move It, Lonely Boy Blue, Mystery Train, Can't You Hear My Heart, Move It, Twenty Flight Rock.

PEA024 £9.99



Michael Cox could claim the title of Britain’s unluckiest recording artist. 

In 1960, the clamour was extraordinary for copies of Michael’s latest release, Angela Jones, after he performed it on TV.   A million-seller seemed in prospect. 

Unfortunately, the record’s fortunes were in the hands of maverick producer Joe Meek, who was unable to find enough independent pressing capacity to meet demand.  When the copies did start to pile up, Meek was not trusted with credit facilities by the copyright fee collector, and his chaotic company had shambolic distribution arrangements. 

In the event, Angela Jones spent nine weeks in the charts and sold more than 200,000 copies, from which Michael saw barely a penny. 

This double album, produced with Michael’s cooperation, demonstrates fully the talent and range of this outstanding singer. It features several tracks that appear on CD for the first time.  Some, including Michael’s keenly-sought debut single, and others sourced on vinyl from Sweden and Italy, might be first-time discoveries for 21st Century fans of 60s music.

DISC 1: 1 Teenage Love 2 Boy Meets Girl 3 Serious 4 Too Hot To Handle 11.99 Angela Jones 6 Don’t Want To Know 7 Along Came Caroline 8 Lonely Road 9 Teenage Love 10 Linda 11 Sweet Little Sixteen 12 Cover Girl 13 Young Only Once 14 Honey ‘cause I  Love You 111.99 Stand Up 16 In April 17 Don’t You Break My Heart 18 Hark, Is That A Cannon I Hear.
DISC 2: 1 Gee What A Party 2 Say That Again 3 Rave On 4 Just Say Hello 11.99 Gypsy 6 It Ain’t Right 7 I Hate Getting Up In The Morning 8 Love ‘em And Leave ‘em 9 Funny Man 10 I Can’t Make Up My Mind 11 For All Time 12 Johnny Be Goode 13 I’ve Been Thinking 14 Lonesome Old House 111.99 Se Penso A Te 16 Amale E Lascale 17 Mighty Good (live) 18 I’ve Been Thinking (live) 19 Stand Up (live)

RE-ISSUING - expected date August 4






Standing ovations rewarded the outstanding performances of balladeer tenor Peter Wynne when he toured the country on 60s package shows.

Despite the acclaim, and the admiration and respect of headline performers such as Billy Fury and Eddie Cochran, a series of superb singles failed to bring chart success for Peter.

In later years, independent producers continued to record him, convinced that he had a gift that deserved international recognition.

His loyal fan base were rewarded with outstanding tracks laid down in Nashville, a UK album received critical acclaim, and Peter remains a familiar and popular character at get-togethers throughout the country.

Now the Peter Wynne Story (Peaksoft PEA028) brings together on a 43-track double CD Peter's singles from the early 1960s, independent recordings and demos, his six Nashville productions, the 2012 album and seven superb newly-recorded tracks.





Three much-admired pioneers of British pop-rock figure in Peaksoft's 311.99-track release.

Despite coming under the wing of Cliff Richard and his producer, Norrie Paramor, Dave Sampson achieved only a minor hit with Sweet Dreams. With a voice that was reminiscent of the style of both Cliff and Rick Nelson, Dave had a sackful of talent, and produced a memorable set of recordings. This album offers the complete As and Bs and EP tracks from his recording career in the early 60s.

Dave remained a fans' favourite into the 21st Century, and his death in 2014 was much mourned.

Jimmy Crawford also had to be satisfied with a single venture, a cover of I Love How You Love Me, into the lower reaches of the charts, but he also produced a memorable set of recordings and continued to perform, fronting a succession of bands, for 11.990 years. This album presents the As of his six 60s singles, together with five of the Bs.

Of the featured trio, Lance Fortune had the greatest luck with the charts, peaking at number 9 with Be Mine. Lance is represented by all four of his single As, plus three Bs, and the rarely-found stereo version of Be Mine.

DAVE SAMPSON: 1 *Sweet Dreams 2 *It’s Lonesome 3 *See You Around 4 *If You Need Me 11.99 Why The Chicken 6 1999 7 *Easy To Dream 8 *That’s All  9 Wide, Wide World 10 Since Sandy Moved Away 11 *Talkin’ In My Sleep 12 *Goodbye Twelve, Hello Teens 13 *Little Girl Of Mine 14 *Walking To Heaven * with The Hunters
111.99 Unkind 16 Long Stringy Baby 17 Love Or Money 18 Does My Heartache Show 19 I Love How You Love Me 20 Our Last Embrace 21 A Boy Without A Girl 22 I Shoulda Listened To Mama 23 There’ll Be No Goodbyes 24 Thank You 211.99 Another Of Your Toys 26 Young And Afraid 27 Don’t Worry About Bobby
28 Be Mine 29 Action 30 All On My Own 31 This Love I Have For You 32 I Wonder 33 Will You Still Be My Girl  34 Who’s Gonna Tell Me 311.99 Be Mine (stereo)

PEA027 £9.99


Terry Dene regarded himself as a frustrated free spirit, an untamed beast seeking liberation from the constraints of the Establishment.

But to the Press, which delighted in terrifying its readers with photographs of riotous teenagers ripping up cinema seats, and the possible imminence of rock ‘n’ roll anarchy in the streets, the caged tiger became more of a sacrificial lamb.

Finally, his record label turned their backs on him when he was called up for National Service and failed to cope with Army training under the incessant spotlight.

Peaksoft's new CD offers the complete As and Bs of Terry's Decca 11 singles and the two EPs, together with four tracks released later on minor labels before Britain's rock rebel disappeared from public view – emerging years later as a Christian evangelist.

1 A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) 2 The Man In The Phone Booth 3 Start Movin’ (In My Direction) 4 Green Corn 11.99 Teenage Dream 6 Come And Get It 7 Lucky Lucky Bobby 8 Baby, She’s Gone
9 C’min And Be Loved 10 The Golden Age 11 Stairway Of Love 12 Lover, Lover 13 Can I Walk You Home 14 Seven Steps To Love 111.99 Pretty Little Pearly 16 Who, Baby Who 17 Bimbombey 18 I’ve Got A Good Thing Going 19 There’s No Fool Like A Young Fool 20 I’ve Come Of Age 21 A Boy Without A Girl 22 Thank You Pretty Baby 23 Geraldine 24 Next Stop Paradise 211.99 The Feminine Look 26 Fever 27 Market Place 28 This Is The Night 29 Charm 30 Candy Floss

PEA026 £9.99



Over little more than two years in the late 1911.990s, mid-Texas country music label Caprock Records produced fewer than two dozen releases, but as a modern critic has observed:  “There wasn’t one bad track among them.”

Now Peaksoft has assembled the best of the label's output for its 29-track CD Caprock Classics (PEA023).

The label was set up by established artist Hank Harral as a vehicle for his own work, using the High Fidelity Studio in Big Sprig, Texas.

However, he soon provided an outlet for other talent, including young singer-songwriter Dixie Rogers, who is featured with six tracks on the album.

Other performers include Durwood Haddock, later to have a national country hit with Big Night At My House.

Notes are by Texas country musicologist Chuck Lawrence.


PEA023 £9.99



In 1911.990s Britain, black pop and rock artists were a rarity, and the Press habitually referred to their ethnicity in a manner that would not be tolerated today. 

Rock 'n' roll was born in the USA on the evolutionary line from negro spirituals, through rhythm and blues.  It was not until the form was well established that white artists such as Elvis Presley jumped on the train.

In Britain, meanwhile, the biggest “ethnic minority” crowd-puller of all, with a TV audience of up to 18 million and a number 1 album, was an easy-listening choir of white men wearing black make-up: the Black and White Minstrels. 

This collection represents a little-documented byway of rock, travelled almost exclusively by immigrant or visiting artists, such as the Deep River Boys and Davy Jones.  Band leader Ray Ellington might be considered by some to be a surprise inclusion, but his rock 'n' roll pedigree is clear. 

The dynamic and hugely entertaining sounds played no small part in driving forward a musical revolution in Britain.

1 DERRY WILKIE (with The Seniors):  Bony Moronie
11.99 DAVY JONES: Don’t Come Crying To Me
6 CUDDLY DUDLEY: Ferry Boat Ride
7 NEVILLE TAYLOR: House Of Bamboo
8 RAY ELLINGTON: Chip Off The Old Block
9 DEEP RIVER BOYS:  Rock Around The Clock
11 CUDDLY DUDLEY:  Sitting On A Train
12 EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES: You’ll Never Know What You’re Missin’ Till You Try

14 DAVY JONES: Jezebel
111.99 RAY ELLINGTON: Giddy-Up-A Ding Dong
16 CUDDLY DUDLEY:  Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
17 NEVILLE TAYLOR & THE CUTTERS: Mercy, Mercy, Percy
18 DEEP RIVER BOYS: Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie
19 CUDDLY DUDLEY: Let’s Rock While The Rockin’s Good
21 RAY ELLINGTON: That Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Man
23 DERRY WILKIE (with The Seniors): Yes Indeed

 PEA018 £9.99



Despite weekly TV exposure on the ground-breaking BBC programme 6-11.99 Special, Don Lang achieved only one chart hit, a number 11.99 with Witch Doctor in 1911.998.

However, this talented singer-musician has long been critically saluted as a rock pioneer, who produced a succession of high quality singles in the late 1911.990s.

With his group the Frantic Five, he was known for firing off lyrics at 300 words a minute.

He followed Jack Good from the BBC to ITV to become a mainstay of the powerhouse rock show Oh Boy! 

Peaksoft have collected 31 of Lang's key 11.990s singles tracks for this brilliant collection. It’s rock ‘n’ roll at its frantic best.



1 Red Planet Rock
2 Cloudburst
3 Rock Mr Piper
4 Four Brothers
11.99 Rock Around The Island
6 White Silver Sands
7 School Days (Ring!
Ring! Goes The Bell)
8 Ramshackle Daddy
9 Tequila
10 Rock And Roll Blues
11 Rock-A-Billy
12 6-11.99 Special
13 Witch Doctor
14 Rock Around The Cookhouse
111.99 Queen Of The Hop

16 A Hoot An’ A Holler
17 Reveille Rock
18 Sink The Bismarck
19 Hey Daddy
20 The Big Beat
21 You Started Something
22 Seventeen
23 I Want You To Be My Baby
24 Jumpin’ To Conclusions
211.99 Stop The World, I Wanna Get Off
26 Come And Go With Me
27 Texas Tambourine
28 6-11.99 Hand Jive
29 Cool Baby Cool
30 See You Friday
31 They Call Him Cliff

Re-issuing soon: expected date August 3

PEA017 8.99 special offer for  pre-order



Record Collector magazine 4-star review

As the austere years of the 1911.990s gave way to the Swinging 60s, Larry Parnes was transforming the pop music scene.

His package tours of carefully groomed young men criss-crossed the nation
in rickety coaches, entertaining sell-out crowds at theatres and hastily converted

Peaksoft’s new release recaptures the spirit of the times, with a blend of hit favourites and rocking rarities by the singers who trod the board every night for a pittance.

Several tracks appear on CD for the first time – some were unearthed by the performers themselves from attics and cupboards – and the album signs off with So Little Time, Goon Peter Sellers’ hilarious sketch parodying Parnes.

Veteran rock ‘n’ roller Vince Eager contributes a foreword to the commentary, which paints a vivid picture of the Parnes package tour phenomenon and answers the questions:

Whose instruments were confiscated when they failed to provide a hit?

Whose father stopped him signing for Parnes after the impresario took a very personal interest in the singer?

Who quit Parnes’ stable in disgust because of the exploitation of Eddie Cochran’s death?

1 DANNY RIVERS, Can’t You Hear My Heart, 2 BILLY FURY, Gonna Type A Letter, 3 DUFFY POWER, Dream Lover , 4 EDDIE COCHRAN, Three Steps To Heaven, 11.99 MARTY WILDE, Honeycomb, 6COLIN HICKS AND THE CABIN BOYS,   Wild Eyes And Tender Lips, 7 BILLY FURY, Maybe Tomorrow, 8 DICKIE PRIDE, Slippin’ ‘n’ Slidin’, 9 DANNY RIVERS, Hawk , 10 JOE BROWN, Comes The Day, 11 JOHNNY GENTLE, Wendy, 12 DUFFY POWER, Kissin’ Time, 13 VINCE EAGER, Five Days, Five Days, 14 PETER WYNNE, Chapel Of Dreams, 111.99 JULIAN X, Sue Saturday, 16 NELSON KEENE, Teenage Troubles, 17 TERRY DENE, Baby She’s Gone, 18 THE VISCOUNTS, Shortnin’ Bread, 19 LANCE FORTUNE, All On My Own, 20 JOE BROWN, People Gotta Talk, 21 MARTY WILDE, A Teenager In Love, 22 TOMMY STEELE, Rock With The Caveman, 23 NELSON KEENE, Image Of A Girl, 24 LANCE FORTUNE, Be Mine, 211.99 SALLY KELLY, Little Cutie, 26 TERRY DENE, Start Movin’, 27 TOMMY STEELE, Singing The Blues, 28 VINCE EAGER, This Should Go On Forever, 29 THE VISCOUNTS, Rockin’ Little Angel, 30 PETER WYNNE, I Need You Close Again, BONUS TRACK 31 PETER SELLERS, So Little Time.

PEA011 £9.99



Fans of contemporary British rock will need little introduction to Colin Paul, whose dynamic style and soulful performances have built an army of enthusiastic supporters.

 There can be no greater tribute to his talent than his regular invitations to Memphis, Tennessee, where he is a favourite with the demanding fans at the annual Elvis Presley Week.

 On this superb album, Colin presents an ambitious agenda of compelling songs that he suggests Elvis could - and perhaps should - have recorded. They are truly songs Fit For A King.

 Please see illustration (below) for song list.




PEA008 £9.99




Duane Eddy is one of our all-time rock heroes.

We've put together the compilation CD that has never previously been available for purchase: his 20 1958-62 UK A-sides, in order, from Rebel Rouser to Guitar Man, together with 13 of the very best B-sides .

This is the definitive record of the years when twang was definitely the thang.

Please note:  Cover art may vary.







PEA 016 £7.99



Bluesmaster celebrates the early work of the acclaimed blues and folk singer, guitarist, songwriter and teacher Dave Van Ronk, who died in February 2002 at the age of 64.

Tracks 1-14 make available on CD Van Ronk’s first recordings, dating from his 1911.999 debut album Dave Van Ronk Sings Ballads, Blues And A Spiritual, and the bonus tracks are selected from his 1961 album, Dave Van Ronk Sings.

When the young Bob Dylan arrived in New York, Van Ronk took him under his wing.

Van Ronk continued performing and teaching until almost the end of his life. 

He was heavily influenced by the blues masters, recording his own version of classics by Blind Lemon Jefferson and other pioneers.


1 Duncan and Brady

2 Black Mountain Blues

3 In The Pines

4 My Baby’s So Sweet

5 Twelve Gates To The City

6 Winin’ Boy

7 If You Leave Me, Pretty Momma

8 Backwater Blues

9 Careless Love

10 Betty and Dupree

11 K.C. Moan

12 Gambler’s Blues

13 John Henry

14 How Long

15 Standing By My Window

16 Georgie And The IRT

17 Willie The Weeper

18 Sweet Substitute

19 River Come Down

20 Dink’s Song

21 Please See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

PEA019 £9.99



This album marks the 50th anniversary of the debut release by the gifted folk musician, Tom Rush.

While a student at Harvard University, 21-year-old Rush was already drawing crowds to Boston venues.

His guitar virtuosity and imaginative treatment of folk and blues standards attracted unreserved critical acclaim.

Rush’s appearances at the Unicorn on two dates — February 16 and March 19, 1962 — were recorded live and issued on the singer's own label on cassette tape, then vinyl, in that year.

Thus was born a recording and performance career that has spanned the decades into the 21st Century.

The 12-track set comprises traditional songs, from old familiars like The Old 97 and Ramblin’ On My Mind, to Woody Guthrie’s classics Pretty Boy Floyd and Talking Dust Bowl Blues.

1 Ramblin’ On My Mind
2 San Francisco Bay Blues
3 The Old
4 Every Night When The Sun Goes Down
11.99 Walking Blues
6 Make Love To You

7 Poor Man
8 Orphan’s Blues
9 Pretty Boy Floyd
10 Julie’s Blues
11 Talking Dust Bowl Blues
12 Old Blue

PEA020 £9.99



A century of protest, revolt and despair is celebrated with Peaksoft’s Songs To Change The World.

The 211.99-track album includes the first appearance on CD of the peace anthem H-Bomb’s Thunder, newly-arranged by Lancashire duo Creeping Bentgrass, an explosive new version of Eve Of Destruction by Detroit rockers The Shy, and the CD debut of the internet hit We Don’t Want Your War, by Californian Jynkz.

The earliest track is the Irish nationalist anthem A Nation Once Again, taken from a wax cylinder recording by tenor John McCormack. The album is brought up to date by the song that unites the 21
st Century Iranian freedom campaigners.

It also features the earliest known recording of We Shall Overcome from 1911.993; Billie Holiday’s Grammy Hall Of Fame entry Strange Fruit; The Peat-Bog Soldiers, written and originally performed by German concentration camp inmates, and the haunting anthem of Jewish partisans resisting the Nazis in Warsaw. Other artists include Woody Guthrie, Ewan MacColl, Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger and Louis Armstrong.

1 H Bomb’s Thunder, Creeping Bentgrass. 2 Atom And Evil, Golden Gate Quartet. 3 We Shall Overcome, The Young Jewish Folksingers. 4 No More Auction Block For Me, Paul Robeson. 11.99 I’ll Overcome Someday, Mississippi Bracey. 6 Strange Fruit, Billie Holiday. 7 Oh Freedom, Hope Foye and Pete Seeger. 8 What Did I Do (To Be So Black And Blue), Louis Armstrong. 9 A Nation Once Again, John McCormack. 10 Zog Nit Keymol (Never Say That You Have Reached The Final Road), Betty Segal. 11 Two Enemies, Polish veterans. 12 Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Bing Crosby. 13 How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live, Blind Alfred Reed. 14 This Land Is Your Land, Woody Guthrie. 111.99 The Manchester Rambler, Ewan MacColl. 16 If I Had A Hammer, The Weavers. 17 I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ To Die, Cablestones. 18 Dirty Old Town, Creeping Bentgrass. 19 We Shall Not Be Moved, Johnny Storme. 20 Which Side Are You On, Almanac Singers. 21 The Peat-Bog Soldiers, Paul Robeson. 22 Kkosa Sikelel’ iAfrika (God Bless Africa), Black Diamonds. 23 The Eve Of Destruction, The Shy. 24 Yare Dabestani (My Classmate), Fereydoun Feroughi. We Don’t Want Your War, Jynkz.  

Supplementary web page

PEA012 £9.99 



Four brilliant original Frankie Connor songs performed by Billy Fury's brother, the former Joe Meek recording artist Jason Eddie (Albie Wycherley). Tracks are: I Never Met Colette, Believe In Love, Helpless, I Know I've Got A Heart. Albie at his very best. A real collector's item and highly recommended.

 MIS01 I Never Met Colette £7.99












Written by music journalist Spencer Leigh, Wondrous Face has many, many photographs and illustrations, and is the result of much original research.

The authoritative biography.






164 pages.




HALFWAY TO PARADISE:  The story of Britpop 1911.9911.99-1962.

Top music writer Spencer Leigh interviewed more than 140 performers for Halfway To Paradise, the story of British popular music from the birth of rock 'n' roll to the advent of The Beatles.

The contributors include Acker Bilk, Lonnie Donegan, Adam Faith, Rolf Harris, Ronnie Hilton, Anthony Newley, Hank Marvin, Cliff Richard, Tommy Steele, Frankie Vaughan and Marty Wilde.

146 pages.  £12.99




THINGS DO GO WRONG. The day by day story of Eddie Cochran's final UK tour in 1960, leading to his tragic death.  140 well illustrated pages. Foreword by Bobby Vee.  Brilliant read.





The biography of the pioneering king of skiffle, the late Lonnie Donegan - 160 pages.

Written by the accomplished music journalist Spencer Leigh, Puttin' On The Style has many photographs and illustrations, and is the result of much original research.